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NEW! Multilanguage support! Localized versions in French, Russian, Ukrainian and German are now available.

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The most secure password is a random one. Now you'll have no trouble creating original passwords which contain letters and/or numbers as you wish. This program will create passwords which provide maximum security. You can customize the length of the password, presence or absence of capital letters, small letters or numbers. You can also add additional characters which can appear in your password string.

The program does not encrypt or protect your data, it only helps you to generate a password, that is hard to crack using bruteforce methods.

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What's new? Advanced features

1. Multilanguage support is added since version 2.13.13. The program is also rewritten using WinAPI, so the size of the executable file decreased. These innovations were made by Nyxis, to whom I am very gladly.

2. The password mask, that defines in which positions the random characters should appear and where the fixed string should be. See Instruction for more details.

3. All settings and the window position are optionally saved on exit and restored on program start. Passwords will not be saved anywhere, of course.

4. Copying to Clipboard, Clearing the Clipboard, show/hide passwords option and Clear Clipboard on exit option are available.

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Download Secure Password Generator 2.13.13 (31K, English interface)

This program is FreeWare. See the Readme file for "terms of use" info.

Installation is not required. Just unzip all the files in any folder and run PassGen.exe.

Plans Plans for future development

1. Complex mask, which will be used to set positions, where only certain symbol group is permitted.

2. Generating lists of passwords, up to 1000 at a time.

3. Optional randomizing of the passwords length (within the defined boundaries).

4. Optional easy-to-remember passwords generating which consist of simple syllables.

5. Optional symbol repetition in the password, so that it will contain only a few symbols repeating in random order.

6. Setting the "weight" of each groups of symbols (letters, numbers), or number of letters and numbers that are to be in the password.

7. User defined symbol groups (to add local symbols for example). An ability to defile them using the first and last symbol or using their codes.

Sorry, but the PassGen project is now closed, so these plans will hardly be realized.

Any questions? Write me! Contacting the author

You can always find the latest version here, on the homepage:

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If your letter requires an answer, but I am not responding, it is mail error: please resend your letter.

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I do not, no will I in the future, give your email address to the third parties or use it in any purpose except sending notifications about new versions of Secure Password Generator.

Last major update: 07.11.2004